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I have just installed a 3 pack Multy X and placed the 2 supporting nodes in what were reported as perfect locations. Whilst the speeds between nodes are very fast, using diagnosis, I only get 1Mg download speed to the host node from the internet. It does have 19Mg upload. Then re-installed , using only the 1 host Multy X and diagnosed again with the same result. Using 2 broadband speed checkers from the internet (which.co.uk and uswitch.co.uk) , the download speed registers over 70Mg. 

I can’t help thinking I’m missing something very obvious, but not able to move forward. Any help appreciated  


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    In order to provide you with a better assistance, we have contacted you via private message. Please kindly check your message box. :)
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    We have released Multy X firmware: V2.10(ABKJ.8)C0 to fix this issue. Please kindly verify it with the latest firmware. :)

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