LTE6100 with other router

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Hi. I trying to establish connection from LTE6100 with ZyXEL Keenetic II router. Also I use PoE injector 48V 1A for antenna power supply. I'm sure that all my settings on Keenetic are right but I have not internet. How can I use LTE6100 antenna with other router?



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    The design of the LTE6100 is that its antenna (outdoor unit) can only be used with the LTE6100 router (indoor unit); users cannot separately use the antenna to the other routers.
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    Hi! Yea, I supposed it but how can I connect to modem into outdoor unit? I'm going to try to have a PC connection directly by Ethernet with power of PoE. I need to do it via telnet (PuTTY) but I do not know any commands and IP info of modem. Also I will email manufacturer to learn more and let you know. Thank you!
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    Thanks for the answer... I needed it

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