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Hey at Nebula,

today, we’ll gonna use two NSW200 Poe switches in an IP PBX deployment. Where do we create voice vlan settings like qos? Is there a kind of “auto qos voice mode”?  The connected phones will piggyback a PC on its second network port and we do not want to tag all the phones manually to any vlan ID. 

thanks for a quick reply


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    in switch configuration page there is voice vlan to configure, maybe if you configure it to vlan1 +OUI of ur IP phones can have qos raised.
    personally i think sharing voice with normal traffic is way less managable
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    Hi Chickenfield,

    Welcome to Nebula Forum. You can configure Voice VLAN on Switch > Configure > Switch Configuration> Voice VLAN (Turn on).  There is a priority dropdown list similar as QoS to allow user prioritize voice packets on specified OUIs manually.User configurable priority is from1(Lowest) to 6(Highest). In order to address your case, we recommend the priority is set to 4 with Voice VLAN ID (eg: VLAN 2). Then configure the uplink port(s) with PVID 2 and access type on SWITCH > Configure > Switch port(s). You can tick multiple uplink port(s) simultaneously with the same  PVID and port type setting. By doing so, the priority of voice packet is higher the data from PC. However, just like @ocean77 said it would be a tradeoff and less manageable to share the voice with normal traffic.

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    Thank you for you answer. I've already found everything and tested successfully. :)

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