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Would you consider improving the Android app for when a new device joins the WiFi?

Currently we get a push notification that a new device joined, but we are not given any information about this device. So really, I have no clue what joined my WiFi since I have lots of devices and most of them are not given names by multy (btw, that could be improved too, see how the network app "Fing" gets all the names right).

At a minimum, can you add the new device name and info to the push notification?

Then, if you really wanted to improve the experience, you could open to the device info page (not the list of devices on the network, but the actual device) when you click the push notification.

Thank you for considering. 



  • Zyxel_Steven
    Zyxel_Steven Posts: 246  Zyxel Employee
    Thank you for your feature request in Multy X.
    We will evaluate this feature. 

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