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Boyanski Posts: 33  Freshman Member
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I have installed the Dropbox App. In the manual it says, that two folders will be created - Drop2NAS and zDownload and the Drop2NAS folder will be automatically emptied. Now it is just copying all my Dropbox without creating these folders.

Is this feature no longer available?


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  • Rory
    Rory Posts: 120  Ally Member
    What's your NAS model and FW version?
  • Boyanski
    Boyanski Posts: 33  Freshman Member
    NAS542, 5.21 ABAG.2
  • Boyanski
    Boyanski Posts: 33  Freshman Member
    Yes, I guess this feature is gone. I think it was a very clever feature as you could move files through Dropbox.
    Now whats the point of having a copy of Dropbox folder in the NAS as you have it already in your computer? For Google drive I understand it, you don't have it locally.

    By the way, Rory, is your Dropbox working fine, I mean the sync? Mine is syncing ever since I've enabled it, maybe 5-6 days already, I have 1 GB of files and haven't made any changes to them, but it still shows "Enabled - Synchronizing".

    Do you know if I can force it to stop without deleting the files?