Aurora - Message no recording files in the selected period

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Hi Team,

Before i did the Firmware Update to V1.00(ABEQ3.3)C0 the aurora works fine. i got the notification that there was a detection and i could watch the recording. After the update i only get the notification i can also the notification on the app but when i want to see the recoprding i got this message.
No recording Files in the selected period.

So what is the solution on this case?
Thanks for your help



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  • Penny
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    Hi pancho35m,

    My Aurora firmware is the same with yours as V1.00(ABEQ.3)C0, but it works properly in my side.

    Please make sure "Recording" is enabled. If it's still not working, you can tap "Clear" to format Storage, and then try it again.

  • pancho35m
    pancho35m Posts: 72  Ally Member
    Hi Penny, 

    thanks for your help
    yes i clear the storage and recording was on 
    So like it is in your screenshot but no changes
  • Penny
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    OKAY, it's strange. Did you try to reset and reinstall your Aurora?

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