Connection issues after newest FW (v2.10(ABKJ.8)C0) for Multy X



  • workinto
    workinto Posts: 36  Freshman Member
    Do you mean that you can connect to Secondary node with wifi, but without the internet? and it works after you reopen the wifi on your iPhone?
  • gedas3
    gedas3 Posts: 1
    I have same problem as Tomas. Wi Fi was screaming fast but last few months or so very patchy. It still can be fast but very often just barely acceptable. This applies to wi fi only any devices connected via Ethernet have no issues. Biggest frustration here that all was fine for almost a year and then updates came... 
  • Zyxel_Eric
    Zyxel_Eric Posts: 1  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @gedas3 ,
    We received your feedback, we will contact you directly via Email.
  • jb68
    jb68 Posts: 5  Freshman Member
    @workinto yeah thats what happens, its doing it all the time. connected to wifi but no internet and have to turn wifi off and on for it to work
  • workinto
    workinto Posts: 36  Freshman Member
    edited July 2019
    Let me clarify the issue, hope I don't misunderstand it.
    When this issue occurred, both Multy were solid white light(normal). The only issue was when you close to the second Multy, and the connection still remained but the internet would drop suddenly.
    However, it had no issue when you close to the root Multy.
    So you have to reopen the wifi from your iPhone to get the internet from the second Multy.

    You can check the "Diagnose" Page on the Multy App, make sure the connection between "internet to nodes" and "node to node" still work.
    You can also check the Device page, if there is another phone connected to wifi but without internet,  check the device information,is it connected to 5G or 2.4G.
    Have you ever reboot the second Multy, or change the place of the second Multy, close to the root Mutly? It may help.
  • j1simon
    j1simon Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Is this problem solved with last firmware?
  • Zyxel_Eric
    Zyxel_Eric Posts: 1  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @j1simon,
    Most of the issues are the backhaul connection between Multys, and it might relate to environmental interference, the distance between each Multy, and the upgrading order of each units during the process of firmware upgrading.

    Please let us know If you had occurred any issue during your Multy usage, and we will glad to assist you.
    You can always use the "Send Feedback" button on Multy App to contact us.

  • Thielst
    Thielst Posts: 2
    edited February 16
    Same problem here. Any suggestions? I have three Multy X's in the house and it's happening on a daily basis. The two satellites are losing the connection and starts to make this hiss noise. I then have to restart everything and it gets back to normal. But then it happens again the next day..
  • Zyxel_Jerry
    Zyxel_Jerry Posts: 402  Zyxel Employee
    Dear @Thielst

    We have received your feedback from Multy app, and we will contact you via email. 

    Best regards,
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