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Hi, I've just installed 3 Multy X boxes in our home about a week ago. Since installing it seems like some of our Sky Q Mini boxes are having problems staying connected to the 2G network, we connected the main box to it and then re-connected 3 Sky Q Mini boxes to the network however they regularly loose connection to the main Sky Q box, if I check network settings on the Sky Q boxes it shows the 2G network is disconnected on the Sky Q Box.

This did not happen with our previous router at all.

All three boxes have just updated to the latest V2.10(ABKJ.8)C0 firmware yesterday and this has not improved the issue at all.

I have tried connecting the main Sky Q box with a LAN cable into one of the Multy X boxes as they are close to each other but this has not improved things and the Sky Q Mini boxes still keep losing their network connection and therefore the connection to the main Sky Q box which makes them unusable.

Please can you advise on how to resolve this.



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    Hi DarrenWelton,

    Do other devices have any connection issue as your Sky Q boxes? 
    Please check the internet of those Multy first.
    Can you share the topology of your network system?

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    In order to provide you with better assistance, we have contacted you via private message. Please kindly check your message box.

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