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Ok, I have a NSA325v1 and i bought as a present an NSA325v2 for my brother - but here's the problem - when we pass music folders (.wav files with associaated jpgs etc), which function perfectly for me, to his, the folders appear as folders in the file browser, but one or two (by no means all) don't appear in music - and it's driving us nuts, as we can't predict which will or won't be seen as music. It is particular to some, as removing and reuploading doesn't change the situation.

Any (simple) ideas?


Ken (and bro Mike)



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    Hi KenOldAcademic,

    Can you share more information or screenshots to understand your problem?
    1. How do you "pass music folders"?
    2. What do you mean "the folders appear as folders in the file browser, but one or two (by no means all) don't appear in music"?
    3. How do you check these files on NAS325v2?
    4. If you used CIFS (\\NAS_IP) to access the folder, do you able to see music/photo files?

    5. If you used "Windows Media Player", is it able to find the files?

    6. Do you enable "Twonky Media Server" and what is the setting of "Share Publish"? Please noted, you need to check which file type will publish on these folders.

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    You also can refer to this discussion, it seems to resolve the problem.
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    thank you. The post is useful .

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  • Check the file format and folder name.
    Compare folder structure and number of files.
    Make sure the configuration is correct on both devices.
    Check the log file for errors.
    If the problem persists, contact technical support or the user community.

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