Multy X - Poor performance for wired computer

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I've got two Multy X's setup where the diagnostics shows about 500/500 between the nodes. 
The diag also shows about 500/500 from the not-wired-node to Internet (on a 500/500 connection).

When connecting a computer directly to one of the LAN ports on the not-wired-node, the upload tops out at about 10-15mbit 
The download seems to be in the 400-420 range, so that's fine. 

What could cause the low upload speed? Testing with a wireless client, the result is similar - topping up at about 70mbit; with out knowing for sure which of the nodes it uses, but im assuming its the not-wired-node due to the upload speed. 

None are close to the 400-500 I should be getting...

Any thoughts or ideas?

Edit: Firmware tested is  V2.10(ABKJ.8)C0



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    Do you know exactly the internet speed from your ISP?

    The "diagnose"  showed the 500/500 at the bottom of the diagnose page is only for the connection between two nodes, but it isn't the actual internet connection.
    You should test the root multy with wired, see how it goes.
    When you test it on your phone, please make sure you were using the 5G wifi, you can check it on Multy App>> Parental Control.

    My diagnose showed 200/100 on the not-wired node to the internet, and my computer test the speed in, showed almost the same. 
    How did you test the speed in your computer?

  • XistEnCe
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    The exact speed is 500/500 from my ISP. 

    Running all the diag tests shows about those numbers, so I guess it's just the environment that caps the backhaul to 500/500 as well. 

    I tested with both (towards my ISPs own server), and a different speedtest-service with a national server (expecting a bit lower result ofcourse). 

    Testing the main-multy wired would be interesting. 
    I will also test the remote-multy wired with a different cable and computer as well. 
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    In order to provide you with better assistance, we have contacted you via private message. Please kindly check your message box.
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    Hi Eric, 

    I havent had the time to run last tests mentioned yet, but I will continue the discussion in the private message. Thanks for getting back to me. 
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    So, after some testing and elimination together with Zyxel support, the culprit was found. 
    I tested a second machine wired from the remote Multy, and found that the speed was fine for that computer - so it had to be a local issue for the workstation I'm using. 

    It so happens that software called cFosSpeed was installed on the workstation. I believe this snuck in while installing ASUS packages. In turn this had installed a module for the wired NIC.

    After checking enabled modules, and de-selecting the cFosSpeed module the speedtest ran fine with the expected 500/500 result. 

    As a final step, i purged the installed software with hellfire (as one should :wink:

    Thanks for the assist to Zyxel Support and @Zyxel_Eric :smile: 

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