How about a new NAS "hacking" forum?

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As an owner of a few ZyXEL NASes, I really miss the information & knowledge which disappeared sadly with the downtime of nas-central. It's clearly unreproducible however I am thinking of a small replacement forum. I could order a server and set up something really quick. The forum would be open to any kind of NAS related discussions, doesn't matter what model or vendor it is.

1. Would you be interested in one?

2. If your answer to the first was yes, what forum engine should I install? The two possibilities in my opinion are Discourse ( which is modern, a bit easier to use maybe and has loads of functions, but a bit heavy in regards of resource consumption therefore might be a bit slower. And the other one is phpBB what nas-central used also. phpBB ( uses less resources (therefore should be faster) but provides less options also and without active moderation the spam bots can kill the site. However I have a partly complete mirror of nas-central so the restoration of the most useful tutorials can be easily reimported back with phpBB.

Thanks for all the feedback.



  • JockeSve
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    1. Sounds really good!

    2. Discourse seems to be more and more popular so why not give it a go!
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    my voice for the proposal of a forum opened to any kind of NAS

    For the engine : no idea.

  • norm
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    Don't mind... no preference here. I was a long time user of seemed a shame when it went down.

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