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Hi All,

I used an nsa325-v2 with 2 pieces of 3TB disks in raid1 and now I upgraded to an 542 and bought a new 3TB disk as well. I plugged in the 2 former disks, but it cannot read the data on them, however it is very importnt for me. Can you please help how I can I set up the 542 to read out the data from the former disks and finally set araid5 with 3 disks?



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    NSA325v2 and NAS542 is used different disk file system, so you cannot directly connect NSA325v2's disk to NAS542.

    You may need to copy the data of NSA325v2 into somewhere. Then, put old two 3TB disk + new 1TB disk to NAS542 and create new disk format RAID 5. After that, copy the data to NAS542.

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    When you're not afraid for the commandline, it's possible to manually assemble&mount the raid array of the 325 inside the 542, and copy the data over.

    Don't know if the firmware supports it, but theoretically you can build a degraded raid5 array from 2 disks (one new, and one from the 325), insert the second 325 disk, manually assemble&mount the (now degraded) raid1 array, manually copy files over, and finally add the 3th disk to the raid5 array.

    If the NAS has an upgrade path from raid1 to raid5, you could even start with a degraded raid1, after copying over add a 2nd disk to get a full raid1, and then add a 3th disk and convert it to raid5.
    That conversion involves a lot of moving of data blocks, and so is risky. The disks get a lot to do, and odds are one will die in the process.

    So you should have a backup. You should have a backup anyway, if your data is valuable, and raid1 or raid5 is not a backup.

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