have NAS542's Transmission connect to a VPN?

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I've recently subscribed to nordVPN, my goal being to have all my internet access routed through it (especially torrents etc). now i've opened my NAS542 control panel and found no sign of a possibility to connect to a vpn. neither in the NAS itself, nor in transmission.
is there a tutorial on how to do it? (i'm pretty new on the subject, sorry)

thanks for any responses :)


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  • Teemo
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    As far as I know, ZYXEL NAS does not support the feature.
  • holzball
    holzball Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    is there maybe a way to get it done programmatically? by installing some linux vpn package? would be a shame if it didn't work at all :(
  • masterkey
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    I'm facing the same problem right now, but with a NAS326.
    Is it possible to establish the VPN connection via the Fritzbox? So it should also be possible to access the NAS on the road. Or does it not work like that?
    I found a video about it:


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