Detect connection problems with Multy X.

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I use 2 Multy X in combination with a Fritzbox 6490 cable modem. The Fritzbox is router and DHCP server. The Multy X are set up as access points with bridged mode.
The Fritzbox itself does not activated a wireless network.
For some time I have connection problems in the wireless network and Internet is not available. The diagnosis of Fritzbox shows no problem.
This suggests that the use of the components in the combination is a problem. Unfortunately, I do not have a proper way to diagnose Multy X problems.
Has this behavior still someone observed, possibly already solved?



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    What's the color of the LED on Multy X?
    What's the firmware of the Multy X? Is it the latest firmware version?
    You can try to use "Diagnose" on the Multy App, it will show you the connection between internet and nodes.
    You can also try to plug an Ethernet cable to Multy X and a PC, to test the internet.
    If everything is seen normal, try to replace another cable between the Fritzbox and Multy X.
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    Thanks for your answer.
    The LED ist white (looks like normal). The firmware ist actual.
    The Network Cable shoud not be the problem. Because there is connection to each other PC in the WLAN and LAN. Only the internetconnection is broken.
    It looks like an ip-adress conflict, but i can't find the problem. The diagnosis of the multys at the app (i can connect) shows no traffic from the master and the slave to the internet, but the backhoul works.
    I disconnected some of the devices, but it is not possible to disconnect all device because of the hole number of it.

    After a restart of all components (fritzbox and multys) it works for a while.
    I don't know how long it works.?!?!?
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    Before you set to Bridge Mode, was the internet connection stable on NAT Mode? 
    How many devices that connect to Multy? If they are a lot, maybe you should check the DHCP range of the Fritzbox setting.
    However, you can open the Multy App and run the diagnose, but there is no traffic between the internet and the primary node? Can you post some pictures of the diagnose result?
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    About 30 IP Adresses are blocked by devices. In future it will be more because of home automation using WLAN sensors and actors. It should be ok, in range actual 255 devices possible.
    The Diagnosis shows that the connection to the internet is lost. The Lan cable isn't old and it woks good. quality????
    I connected my Multy with an other LAN socket and it shows the same problems after a while.

    I planned to upgrade the house with one more multy. But actually i think about changing to an other system... The situation is unsatisfying to me.

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    Maybe you can try to reset your Fritzbox.
    In my experience, if you cannot fix the problem by resetting Multys, there is a chance to fix it by resetting the Modem.

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