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A BRAND NEW NAS326 equiped with 2x4TB WD RED in RAID1 Mirror configuration
was filled with almost 2,5TB of Data from several external HDDs via Copy/Sync Button.
Power Loss occured to NAS326 the Day Before Yesterday During copy from external Usb HDD.
When Power comes back, NAS started with all lights on and frozen.
Access from NetShare or Web Interface was Not Possible.
I was Powered off and On and NAS started to Sync Disks.
At the same time I pressed and hold the copy/sync button on the NAS to sync external connected HDD with the data on NAS from the previous unfinished copy function.
After sync of external HDD finished, NAS disks Sync was also finished
BUT ALL PREVIOUS DATA except last external copy/Sync was NOWHERE.
All Logs Before Last Copy/Sync Where Lost also. 

-----Attempts to recover DATA-----
One of the mirrored Disk Removed an connected to a Computer.
It is containing 3 Partitions as Below
Ext2/3/4 Software Mirror Partition  size1,91Gb
SWAP Partiotin                               size1,91Gb
Ext2/3/4 Software Mirror Partition   size3,64Tb

Tried to Recover Data From Last Partition sized 3,64Tb with various different tools but after finishing searching for Lost Data all they are finding are the already accecible data from the Last Copy/Sync Function (About 150Gbs).

NAS and mirror RAID systems are made to secure your DATA. I Really can't think of what this NAS was made with my DATA. I am really dissapointed.

Any suggestions/fixes to try will be appreciated.


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    Almost a week after a massive data lose . . .
    No response from anyone inhere including Zyxel.

    Zyxel responded "based on "Power Outtage" many different status could happen"

    So be careful, cause in the next power outage, you can loose your data.

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