How to manually setup MultyX

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after annoy zyxel cloud register pop up message. I finally delete the app and reinstall it. Nightmare.   It force AUTO setting.   How about my existes setting ? Reset and do all again?

Oh.   My god.  


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  • PeterK
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    As far as I know, if you don't sign the Multy App, the data of your Multy site will only store in your phone. The Data will gone when you clear the user storage of App or delete the App.
    Multy X will still work after you deleted the App without an account, but you cannot manage it anymore, otherwise, you will have to reset the Multy, and repair it again.
    The only way to keep the data is to register the account, and the data will store in the cloud.
    Even you change another phone, you still can log in the App with an account, and manage your Multy site on a different phone.
    The Multy also cannot restore its config file, it's really different than the other home routers. 
    In my opinion, the better way is to sign an account...and the data will never disappear.

  • Legis
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    But I do not want to sign with zyxel cloud. It’s better to support other cloud drive service. 

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