LTE7240-M403 drops Internet connection everyday

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Just installed a newly purchased Zyxel 4G router (LTE7240-M403). The APN was specified in the setting. 
However, the Internet connection is not stable and requires constant reboot of the router. 

Is there anything that I can do to configure it properly? 



  • bbb
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    Hi dch, 

    2 questions: 
    (1) is there any pattern on the disconnection timing? For example, does it disconnect every 12 hours or a given interval?
    (2) could you please take screenshots on the Cellular Info page (access it from the Home page > Cellular Info section)? I would like to know the signal status in general. 


  • netz
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    please could we get an auto reboot schedule added for this device? vodafone lte is not great in the uk and my device is useless until manually rebooted