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Hat jemand Erfahrung mit dem printserver vom NAS? 
Ich würde gerne über meine Handy drucken, ich mache es über Printer Share, der Drucker wird auch erkannt aber er druckt nur 3 oder 4 zeilen,dann ist Schluss. Ich habe einen Kyocera Laserdrucker. 

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  • Wiasouda
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    What is the model of your printer? 

    Translation by Google.
    * the printer is also recognized but he prints only 3 or 4 lines, then it's over.
    If you try to print the different document, does it also only print 3 or 4 lines?
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    I am having trouble getting the NAS236 print server to work. I can see the printer listed in control panel/service/print server but do not know how to direct a document to be printed via the print server. It says it is on-line in the NAS236 control panel/service/print server. In Windows 11/Add Printer/Printer Properties/Ports, what port do I select?
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    You can check the compatible list on the zyxel page, maybe your printer is not compatible?

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