Multy U disconnects every 10th minute. Ideas on what to do?

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We have installed a Multy U home mesh network with two separate units. The network is normally working fine, but I'm about to pack it and send it back, because it disconnects frequently. On high pressure network periods, like Sunday evening, it disconnects every 10th minute, precisely! It stays down for about a minute, enough time to allow a lot of devices to disconnect. Then network is up again. Needless to say, quite irritating...

I see from the forum that some users are experiencing connection issues with always on devices like printers, Google Home, Netamo, Apple TV and other. I have the same experience, as described. Could it be that this has to do with the Multy disconnecting? 

Before I send it back, any suggestions on how to resolve this? 
(As a comment: Network was working relatively well with old router, this problem has something to do with the Multy).



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    When the disconnection happened, is the second units showed red light?
    Your issue seems like the second unit disconnect from the first Multy, and those devices would disconnect from the second Multy.
    Have you try to move the second Multy closer to the first Multy?
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    Thanks for the tip!

    Have thought about that, it might explain the pattern of regular disconnections, if the second Multy has a regular schedule of confirming connection to the first, or something similar?
    However, if that is what happens, how can it explain that also the first Multy disconnects from the network? 
    I'll give it a try anyway!
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    Tried moving second Multy closer. Also tried to switch it off. Multy no 1 still disconnects every 10th minute. Any other ideas?
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