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I recently bought a NAS326 with the intention of using it as a location to store backups of files from other computers. However, when I started transferring files to the NAS, I noticed that NAS does not maintain file names properly. An SMB-mounted share in Windows 10 show the files in question as having no name or extension, and SSHing to the NAS and using ls in the directory will show the entire file name with certain characters only showing up as a question mark. This includes things like é and `, but also letters like å, ä and ö. As if that wasn't bad enough, I also can't remove the files easily. From the Windows share it's outright impossible, and from the terminal on the NAS the whole line goes blank if I try to tab-complete the name and I'll have to remove a file named e.g. "Sean O´Malley" using "rm Sean\ O*" and hoping that there's no other file that matches.

I'm guessing this is a problem with the character set of the NAS, but either way, I'd like to find some way to fix it so that I could actually use my own language, and for that matter, standard western characters when naming files. Anyone got ideas on how to do that? I've tried searching but I've come up with nothing.

Okay, through pure trial and error, I discovered that I can add "mangled names = no" in /etc/samba/smb.conf and then restart the service and it works. Unfortunately, it seems that the config file is reset when I reboot the NAS and I'm not sure how to make it persist. Search is ongoing...
Nevermind, turns out that just made Windows no longer show the files in question...

Update 2:
display charset= ISO8859-1
unix charset = ISO8859-1
dos charset = ISO8859-1

That in the smb.conf file seems to do the trick for most characters, at least for the share in Windows, though apparently some variations of either ´ or ' or a similar enough character that I can't really tell them apart is still problematic. At least I'm down to a handful of files now, as opposed to thousands. If there are more characters that cause issues, I haven't found them yet. From the NAS shell, the characters still show up as a question mark though, and the NAS still resets the config file on reboot.


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