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I was given a 221 and a del laptop with windows 7.  I have created a network using a belkin router and connected the laptop and NAS221 to the router via ethernet.  The laptop does not see the NAS and I read in the manual that I need a utility program, however when I search in support it does not recognise a NAS221.  Any thoughts?  What am I missing here.  Help 


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    Your NSA221 is even older than my NSA320.  They are both End of Life and not actively supported by ZyXel. I've never used their setup utility. I've always just logged in and configured from scratch. Did the person who gave it to you tell you the username and password for the device. I ask because you are usually required to change the password on the first login. The device can be reset to factory defaults if you don't know the password. The donor may have done that before giving it to you in which case the user is admin and the password is 1234 (according to an manual I found online).  The manual also said that 221 defaults to using DHCP so you should be able to find out the address it was assigned by looking in the web interface on your router.  Then just put that IP address in your browser and you should go to the login screen for the 221. 

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