How to delete from AiShields trusted list

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the AiShield GUI on the iPhone XS is not always very quick to respond. Looking at the list of treads I managed to push the add to trusted list by mistake. Now I can’t find a way to undo this. How do I delete mistaken entry?



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    You can press the profile for 2 seconds, and the profile will show Delete and Edit.
    You can chick Edit to remove the devices.
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    Thanks for the good replays, but I think I was not clear enough. 

    This is does not seem to have anything to do with the profile. What I’m looking at is the list of averted threats. If I go into one threat to look at the details there is an option in the middle of the screen to “add to the trusted list.” It’s too easy to push this, and I’ve managed to do this by mistake. Returning to the threat details after doing this shows “Trusted list” in the middle of the screen below the details of the threat, but there are no options to remove from the trusted list. If this means that I’ve allowed threatening machines to go through the firewall by mistake then I’m not to happy that there are no possibility to fix this. 

    Any suggestions?
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    You can click the Trusted list and remove the URL/IP from it.
    Remember to click "Save" after remove it.
    Hope it will help.


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