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I have a 2-node Multy X installation. It is generally behaving well, but I am having problems with latency spikes. Most of the time the latency is very low (approx 5ms) but occasionally (approx once every 5 minutes) the latency spikes to several hundred ms. This is causing problems when trying to use videoconferencing systems such as Zoom.

See the following screenshot from a latency monitoring tool

I would be vey grateful for suggestions about what might be causing this, and what I could do to address the problem.

Note - I am confident that the problem is with the Multy and not my internet connection for the following reasons:
  1. I do not experience the problem when connecting directly to the Internet router provided by my ISP.
  2. My ISP (Andrews & Arnold) provides constant connection monitoring (Firebrick), and this shows no problems with the connection.
Thanks in advance for any help.



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    Hi @paulbutcher,

    Please click "Send Feedback" on Multy App, and we will analyze the log file.
    Thank you.

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