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My problem is not easy but hopefully can solve somehow...
So, I  created a "main" folder on my NAS, which contains some symlinked folder. I would like to reach all folders under one network drive on my PC.
I set some users who should has reading and/or writing rights for one or more folders.  
If I map the "main" folder with admin rights it works properly, but if I would like to map the "main" folder or the folder - which is symlinked before - with a user who has read or write access rights, Windows say: access denied. I don't know why...
What have I done wrong?


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  • Mel
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    Can you share details steps and screenshots? I would like to check it on my NAS.
    Which ZYXEL NAS device you have? What is its firmware version?
  • sarobee
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    NAS: 326
    Firmware: V5.21(AAZF.3)

    I think I realized why the user has no access, but the problem not solved yet.

    The beginning:

    STEP 1. Created a „MAIN” folder /GUI interface/

    STEP 2. Created two folders SHARED_1 and SHARED_2 /GUI interface/

    STEP 3. created symlink to MAIN from SHARED_1 and SHARED_2 with ln -s command /PuTTY/

    STEP 4. Created two users USER_1 and USER_2 /GUI/

    STEP 5. Created „FULL” group and put USER_1 into the group with write access /GUI/

    STEP 6. Changed the SHARED_1 folder owner group to the „FULL” group with chgrp command /PuTTY/

    STEP 7. Changed the SHARED_1 folder rights to 770 with chmod command /PuTTY/

    This is the starting method which is working fine, I tried it. USER_1 has access all the 3 folders, but USER_2 has access only the MAIN and SHARED_2 folders.

    But I need a little bit different.
    I would like if the USER_1 has access to the SHARED_1 folder ONLY, and USER_2 has access to the SHARED_2 folder ONLY. Naturally they can have access to the MAIN folder.

    My idea: put both of the users into the FULL group and I set USER_1 for SHARED_2 folder to no access and USER_2 for SHARED_1 folder to no access it will working, but not working for me. They have full access to all folders. How can I solve it?

  • Mijzelf
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    In samba you'll have to explicitly enable the possibility to follow symlinks. Which is not trivial, as the smb.conf is generated dynamically by the firmware.
    How about a bindmount?
  • sarobee
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    Ok, it's solved. I got the solution and it is very simple and easy.
    The symlink part need for it.
    Than I created GROUP_1 and I put in USER_1 and admin, than created GROUP_2, put in USER_2 and admin.
    Changed the SHARED_1 folder owner group to GROUP_1, the same with SHARED_2
    Changed the folders rights to 770.
    And voila, admin has full access for MAIN, SHARED_1 and SHARED_2, USER_1 has full acces for SHARED_1 but no access SHARED_2 and the same with USER_2
    Anyway, thanks guys for your help!

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