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I have a ZYXEL LTE modem with bridge mode support, I have enabled the bridge mode in the LTE modem and connected to the CISCO RV042 VPN router's WAN 1 Interface with connection type "Obtain IP automatically" but i am not able access the internet with that configuration. If i configure the LTE modem in the router mode, the RV042 obtaining local ip which pooled from the LTE modem DHCP. , could you please let me know how i can configure the RV042 modem to get the WAN IP for the WAN1 interface.


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    Hi Sidhique, 

    Could you please identify the model name of your LTE modem? You can find the model name on the sticker, or simply provide the firmware name. 
    Different modems may have different configuration options.
    I would like to know the model first before providing the next step.
    Thank you. 



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