Very slow write speed NAS326 RAID1 via NFS

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I have a NAS326 with two 4TB disks installed. I have created a single Volume using raid1.

I have install NFS via the app center and created a single (/data) share which is read/write.

I then mount the NFS share to my linux box using autofs using the following.

/data       -fstype=nfs4,rw,noatime nas:/data

I checked in the /etc/exports file on the NAS326 and changed (as some have suggested, sync to async)
/i-data/bc2c904e/nfs/data *(rw,async,no_subtree_check,wdelay,no_root_squash) #

I test the write speed by using rsync:
rsync --progress -av <big-file> /data

Firstly it pauses for a good 10-20 seconds then copying starts and I get a average speed of about 20MB/s

I repeat the same exercise with the same directory shared using Samba and get close to 70MB/s

My question is, why that exactly the same directory shared via NFS is so much slower than Samba share? Any suggestions of how to improve this situation would be grateful. I would have assumed using native linux format would be better. I would prefer to use NFS as I would like to preserve file ownership and permission when saving to the NAS drive.

I did test a similar setup with another box on the same network and I am actually getting over 110MB/s  write speeds which is close to the limit of my home Gb network.




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    I am having  a similar issue wth my NFS, the app seems to be buggy. Dos your NFSv4 work instantly?
  • martinst68
    Same issue here, did either of you figure out the issue and have any pointers?

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