NAS325 HW failure - how to obtain data from discs?

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Hello, the hardware of my NAS 325 died :/

So, now I have two RAID1 discs but how to recover data from them?
If I buy NAS 326 can I use these discs? Will the new NAS recognize the old data - or if I configure it to RAID1 it erase my discs to fresh state...?

Any recommendations?

Thank you for response!



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  • Batou
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    NSA325's file system is different with NAS326, so you cannot directly install NSA325's disk to NAS326, it wouldn't recognize the file system of NSA325's disk.

    You may need to install old disk to Linux system to backup the data.
    Or install software which can read Linux format on Windows system to backup the data. (EX: ExtFS ...)
  • rooomish
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    Thank you for answer! I tried it on Linux machine, but one disc was not mountable and the second one has only two files: sysdisc.img and swap_ul6465p. BTW on NAS I had divided capacity of discs to three logical discs, so the NAS soft has to do in software way, could be the problem?   
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    The disks have 2 parititions each. The first (small) one contains some firmware stuff, the second one is a raid member. To mount it you'll have to assemble the array first.
    Assuming the disk is sdb, the assemble command is
    mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sdb2 --run
    Now you can mount /dev/md0.

    This can also be done in your 326. So if you insert a single disk and create a volume on it, you can insert the 2nd, unchanged disk, mount it manually over ssh (which is available by default), and copy data over. After which you can add the disk to the new array.

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