Wired backhuaul through Switch+ switch

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I have four Multy U nodes wich I want to connect with wired backhaul. 

In the link below its showed how to do this in example nr two

In the article Its statend that the Switch used for backhaul, is not able to connect other devices to the Internett as my computer for example. My question is, is It posible to connect another Switch In the network to be used for cabled connection for cumputers and so on? And where will bei te best place to connect this aditional switch? Between the modem and node nr one?


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    You can use a switch to increase the number of Ethernet ports for the Multy U.
    You can always use the LAN port of Multy U to connect switch for your end device, as long as the switch is not connected to another Multy U.

    Please refer to below topology.

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