Multy X with Somfy Indoor Cameras & Bridge Mode

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I have been using the Multy X for some time without any issues. My BT Home Hub 6 is connected to the Multy X via Ethernet and the BT Hub 6 does not generate WiFi.

I recently bought Somfy Indoor Security Cameras, but when they connected tot he Multy X WiFi and I could see them in the Multy App as connected with an excellent signal, they would not talk out to the internet. If I activated the BT Hub 6 WiFi and connected them to that they instantly connected to the internet and worked correctly. But when moving them back to the Multy X WiFi they stopped connecting again.

I have found that if I change my Multy X to “Bridge” mode, they the Somfy Cameras do work.

Can you tell me what could be causing the cameras not to connect to the internet when the Multy X WiFi is not in Bridge mode please?



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    Dear Sir,
    Can your PC or phone access internet with the Multy wifi which is in NAT mode?
    If it can work, you should connect with the Somfy support, the camera may have certain condition of the wifi.

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