Win 10 doen't support NSA320!

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Now that my NSA320 is obsolete, how can I recover my data?  I have a spare laptop I have installed Windows 7 on.  However, I find it won't connect to the NSA.  I lack the NSA Starter Utility and since Zytel has pulled support for the 320 the utility is no longer available for download.  So, if you have an idea about how I can recover by data, PLEASE reply to this post.


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  • Wiasouda
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    Do you mean you want to access your NSA320, but you don't know its IP address?
    If yes, you can download "IP Scanner" tool to find its IP address.
  • Onetopher
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    No he means Windows 10 stopped supporting Samba 1 and switched to Samba 2. So you can no longer view your network mapped drive connected to shares in the NSA320 via file explorer. You can still access files through the IP address through the browser but automatic backups are not supported. 
  • Onetopher
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    If you are accessing the NAS with Windows 7 file explorer, you just need to map a network drive to access the data. You don't need the ZyXel Starter Utility even though it does make it easier.
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