Multy X keeps rebooting

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Hi, how do I find out why one of my Multy X devices keeps rebooting frequently, several times a day?


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    1. What is your Network topology?
    2. Which one of the Multy keeps rebooting? is it the root node which connects to a Modem or is it a extender node?
    3. How did you notice the Multy kept rebooting? Did the LED keep blinking white(Reboot)?
    4. Did the Multy ever show red light?
    5. Please click the "Send Feedback" on the Menu of Multy App, we can analyze the log file which attached on the mail.


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    I have the same issue here with my Multy X. It keeps rebooting. For me it is the root node
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    Dear Sir,

    We've receive your feedback. We'll contact you via email.

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