Main node keeps resetting

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I have a setup with two Multy X units. Suddenly the main unit startet to reset (red LED) for no apparat reason. It startet for about a week ago and have since happened five times. Today alone it has happened two times.
Firmware version V2.20(ABKJ.0)C0
What is going on?


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    1. What is your Network topology?
    2. How did the red LED behave? was the LED keep blinking or stay solid?
    Blinking red means that the Multy is resetting (Fast blinking) or the error during the firmware upgrade(Slow blinking).
    Solid red on the main unit means the Multy is disconnected from the Internet. 
    3. How did the Multy back to work again?
    Did you have to reboot by re-plug the power cable? or it will back to work automatically?
    4. Please try to switch another Ethernet cable to connect with your Multy.
    If it still happens with the new cable, please click "Send Feedback" on Multy App, we can analyze the log file.

  • MortenG
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    Hi! What do you mean by network topology?
    I have one Multyx man unit and one ekstra node in the 2. floor.
    The main node is connected to our fiber central.

    The LED is solid red.

    To fix it I have to disconnect all the cables (except power) and reset the unit.
    Then I have to go through the setup process all over.

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    Hi @MortenG,
    In order to provide you with better assistance, we have contacted you via private message. Please kindly check your message box.
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    I have a similar issue that just started happening after 8 months of having the 2 multy system 

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