How to update ownCloud on NAS540

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Hi. I've just updated the ownCloud app on my devices and now I can't connect to my ownCloud server because the firmware on the server is too old. My NAS is on the latest firmware which is V5.21(AATB.2) but the ownCloud server is on 7.x.x. It requires 10.x.x.x to be able to connect to it. What to do?


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  • vidra
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    Sadly you can't do anything about this :/ . I had a similar issue so i used my raspberry pi as the server and I mounted nas as a drive.
  • Mel
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    If you're using the latest version of ownCloud desktop client, it just show the alert message, but it still can work.

    Please make sure you're input correct address on ownCloud desktop client.

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