Multy X AC3000 stopped all wifi and won't reset

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I've been using the AC3000 since July 2018. Today it has stopped all wifi activity.
I've tried power cycles, the reset button for over 5 seconds to restore factory settings.
Still no wifi at all.

The app still shows the two units.

What else can I try to get the unit working again?



  • cgrant
    cgrant Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    After several factory resets, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app... that allowed the adding of the multy again and setting up the wifi names and previous password. Until reinstalling, the app wouldn't allow the existing setup to be removed - just silently failed every action...slowly

    About 5 hours of frustration with the Multy X and the hideously slow android Multy app.

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    Dear @cgrant ,
    We are sorry for the experience that happened to you. 
    1. What is the Multy firmware version and the App version?
    2. Does this issue happened after the firmware upgrade?
    3. Please share your Network topology.
    4. How did you test the wifi?
    5. Do you mean that you can reinstall the Multy on the App, but it still didn't broadcast the wifi?
    6. May I know the model of your phone, and its iOS/Android version?

  • Tango447
    This sounds similar in some ways to something that occurred on a customer site today. They reported they had no Wi-Fi. There had been a power cut during the night.

    I was working remotely to analyse the problem and like cgrant the App showed both units on the site and I was able to run "diagnose" test that showed the units had internet access and were communication with each other.

    I spoke to someone on site who said they could not see the Network Name. On checking further I found that in "Wi-Fi settings" WiFi was not enabled. I turned it on and things were working again for the customer. (Going through the process of setting everything up again from scratch then you would, at some point, turn the WiFi on as well)

    Here's the issue though (at lease in my case), when you look in the first screen of "WiFi Settings" on the iPhone App it is not obvious that the WiFi is not enabled. (this is the one that shows the WiFi names and the password field with dots in it).

    The WiFi Name is displayed in Black text if it is enabled. If it is disabled it the WiFi Name is displayed in dark grey (almost Black). Thus it is very difficult to tell if the WiFi is enabled or not when looking at this screen. To really see if the WiFi is enabled, you have to tap the edit icon and go into the settings and see if the WiFi Slide Switch is in the on or off position.

    This is a poorly designed application interface. If the WiFi is not enabled, that should be highlighted in a different colour (red or amber maybe) and possibly with text that says "WiFi Disabled " or something similar. It should also be displayed on the first screen and in more than one place. Since the Diagnostic test passed ok previously we are led to believe that the WiFi is enabled but in this case WiFi was not enabled.

    Hope this is useful to somebody.

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