How to switch 5 Ghz broadcasting off at MULTY X

VolavkaVolavka Member Posts: 1
edited October 17, 2019 9:15AM in Multy WiFi System
We are happy with MULTY X system (3 stations), but we need to use only 2,4 GHz frequency. I didn't find any possibility how to deactivate 5 GHz broadcasting, can you help me with it? Thanks.


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  • Zyxel_EricZyxel_Eric Zyxel Offical Agent Posts: 1
    edited October 17, 2019 12:29PM
    Hi @Volavka,
    Multy cannot disable the 5G or 2.4G separately, but you can separate 2.4G and 5G WiFi with different SSID for certain purpose.
    Here is the FAQ for separating SSID.
    Or you can follow below steps.

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