Co-existence of Multy X with Powerline

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For some time I have made use of Powerline devices on my home network.  These include powerline devices providing wired Ethernet and those providing Wireless connectivity.

I am now considering using Zyxel Multy X units as my main networking strategy.  My question is this.
If I still wish to connect some clients via Powerline (especially wired Ethernet devices) would this cause any problems for the mesh network.

I cannot personally foresee any issues, but would be happy of other’s experiences before I put my hand in my pocket :smile:



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    Thank you for your interest in Multy X.
    Multy X is supported wireless and Ethernet backhaul. Also, Multy X can coexist with powerline.
    Below is the example topology:
    Internet---1st Multy X---PLA===PLA---2nd Multy X

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