Run tesseract on NAS326

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Hello everyone.
This may be an unusual question, but I'd like to execute the OCR open source tool "tesseract" directly on the NAS326 Linux OS. Has anyone ever tried something like this before? I don't know where to start. I was able to build the tesseract sources from GIT and execute the binary on an Ubuntu machine. But transferring the result to the NAS was not helpful. The binary could not be run.
Anyone an idea, what must be done? Can I build the tool elsewhere for the NAS with certain parameters? Do I have do build it directly on the NAS? How can this be done? apt-get is not available...


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    The NAS runs an Armv7 processor, and so it can 't execute x86_64 code. If you have a raspberry pi you could try to transplant an executable from there to your 326.

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