Multy X within the same Subnet, can it?

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Hello good day.

I have recently been given the Multy X, all perfect and very easy, very good speed, now that I need to see if it can be done ...

how to configure the Multy X to work within my same subnet, let's say I have 192.168.1.X but when configuring the Multy X this by DHCP takes one that the Router provides, until there is ok, later the Multy X configures its DHCP itself and its own subnet 192.168.212.X, so I cannot access my NAS from mobile devices.

How could I configure Multy X so that it has an IP address of my subnet and not DHCP? and thus be able to access my network normally and check my NAS via SAMBA.

My network:
Multy X:
DHCP off


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