[NEBULA] What is SNMP feature on Nebula Control Center ?

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Enable SNMP V1/V2c on NCC allows third party to monitor and configure Nebula devices according to specifying the community string. This SNMP Community string with GET and SET behaviors will apply to all the Nebula devices that are registered in the site.

The setting steps are as following:
  • Configure > Site setting > SNMP > SNMP access > enable V1/V2c
  • Specify the SNMP Community string
  • Click Save button


Please submit a request ticket If you would like to use MIB files for the purpose of surveillance and configuration on third party devices.
Go to Help > Support Request > Open > New Case on NCC, then we will proceed to provide these MIB files for you.

P.S. It is highly recommended that using MIB files for monitoring only, otherwise any configure change could clash with NCC settings.