Useing shared NAS folders with OwnCloud

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Hello together,

My Situation
I try to share my fotos, located on the NAS, with others.
I Tryed Gallery3, but ther was no update since 2014. So i'm not shur about the further support. BTW are many modules of Gallery3 not available anymore. So it can not expand it's features.
Then I tryed OwnCloud as Album-Server. The Fotoalbum in OwnCloud is not so cool as in Gallery, but slides are working, shares worink, and the thumbnails are allways correct.

Now the Problem
If I want to use OwnCloud as gallery, I have to copy all my photos to an OwnCloud-Account.
So ther will be
  • redundant data storange and double mem usage
  • many time used to make all the folder structure
  • many time to copy the files

The Question

Is it possible or any way to use teh shares to bind in OwnCloud?

My System:
Zyxel NAS 540 V5.21(ABAG.3)
7.0.15 (stable)

Many Thanks for Reading :)


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