NAS542 one Volume degraded

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after years of use my volume degraded. I can conncet to the webinterface and can click repair volume but in the log it tells me Repair Degraded RAID [Volume1] FAILED.

In the repair menu I click on RAID repair. I click next and it shows me on top three drives  (disk 1, disk 2 and disk4). Staus is degraded on RAID6.
On the bottom I can choose the driver disk3  which I tick on. I click next where it tells what is going to be done but after that the log file tells me that the repair failed.

Is my understanding right that disk3 is damaged and I should change it to a new one so that the RAID can be repaired??

Kind regards Stefan


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    Did you try to put a new disk to replace faulty disk, then try again?

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