Swapping disks between 2 NAS326s

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I spend half the year in Colorado and half in Mexico. I have a NAS326 with two 4TB drives in Colorado, using Time Machine to back up my MacBook. My plan is to remove the disk drives and take them with me to Mexico, buy a second NAS326 there, and install the drives in it. (And then shuttle the drives back and forth each year.)

Will this work? Or will it fail because the second NAS will not be configured to use those drives?


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    Normally, you can put HDDs of old NAS326 to new NAS326. The data is still existed.
    And you should also backup the configuration file of old NAS326, restore it to new NAS326.

    But this is not good option that swapping disks between 2 NAS326s.
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    I don't think it's a good idea to move your backup together with your data over 1000s of miles.

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