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Hi All,

New guy here and a possible Zyxel multy plus customer.
I currently have the Netgear Orbi AC3000 with 2x Satellites One with Lan connection and one wireless. Orbis software is a bit buggy. I can't use the latest firmware because many features stops working then.

So if someone could answer a few simple questions regarding the Multy plus:

1. Can you connect the satellite using Lan cable, Ethernet backhaul?
2. Can you purchase a separate satellite and have 3 x of Multy plus connected to a mesh?
4. Is the software reliable?
5. Can you rename connected devices?
6. Can you disable WPS?
7. Is the a parental feature(I guess not but I'm still asking) :smile:
8. Can you setup a schedule per device so that you can only use a device from 7am to 9pm ?
9. Possibility to run as VPN client?

Thanks in advance.



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    Hi @Toube,
    Thank you for interested in Multy Plus, Please refer to the below information.

    Multy Plus is a tri-band mesh AP, and Multy Plus can handle a maximum of 6 Multys in one system, each Multy can also be an independent router with different networks.
    Multy Plus support Ethernet backhaul connection (Please refer to the Release Note), but please install them wirelessly first, then plug the cable as Ethernet backhaul. 

    Multy Plus support web interface and App management, and yes, Multy do support parental control (access control) to do the settings on client devices, such as renaming devices, set a blocked schedule profile for devices, etc. However, Multy don't support WPS. Also Multy only support VPN passthrough with PPTP/L2TP/IPSec protocols.

    For more Multy Plus information please visit the FAQ site.

    New Multy Plus users can get one year free trial of AiShield, it will provide extra protection on your Network.
    For more information about AiShield, please visit Here.

    If there are more questions, please feel free to ask in here. :D
  • Toube
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    Hi Erik,

    Thanks for you answers.


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