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Hello. I`ve buy a nsa310s pretty soon. Already download and quickly read the pdf-user manual about it. My questions is about the backups. I am familiar with Backup Planner - very intuitive solution. But I have some specific questions about the type of backups. I have internal 500Gb and external 500Gb (back USB connected) hdds. So, I`m doing the first time Full backup. I`ve been read about the Incremental type. So I just need to have once all the files at the moment. In the time I will add another (new) files and modify the old one on the Internal HDD. What should I do, If I want next backup just to add a new files, and replace old with modified one. I believe that next time I should do Incremental backup. On the STEP 3 in user manual Purge Policy option we have 3 available options. Can I have some light about all three.
1. Keep all old backup files - is that mean, that if I have 20gb old files, and 2 gb new one - in the final I would have an all 22gb data from the Internal to the External HDD?
2. Keep only the last.... backup files. What this option do?
3. Keep backups for... days. What does this mean?
Now I`m trying Mirror Copy  - but the Purge Policy is all the same. Think I`ve got what I`m searching for - mirror copy - hdd to hdd. But still need help with the Purge Policy.




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    As far as I know, under Incremental Backup Type:
    Keep All Old Backup files
    If you already have 20GB old backup files, and 2GB new data, in the final you would have two backup files, one is old (20GB), another is new (2GB), after finished backup job.
    Keep only the last【】backup files
    It will only exist【】backup files, when over the number you defined, system will delete the earliest backup file.
    Keep Backups For【】day(s)
    It will store all backup files for a certain time period, when over the time you defined, system will delete the earliest backup file.

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