About seeding torrents on NSA310S - without download it

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I have a NSA310S, I`m trying to seed a created torrent by Utorrent from my local folder. But when I load it in Download Service nothing is happened. Just stays at 0.0% and nothing... When I did the same thing and open the created torrent in Utorrent on my notebook, everything is OK, the status of Complete is 100% and can seed it. Is there any cure about it? I don`t want my notebook be turned ON all day long.


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  • lodiabai
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    Does every torrents meet the same problem?
    Do you use "Download Service" to download torrent? How about "Transmission"?

    If it still does not work, try to reset NSA310s.
  • stefan4o
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    I have the nsa310s a week ago. I've it reseted and ready to work with. Aint touch almost anything on it. 
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    I have similar problem, Transmission is working fine, download service is not working at all. What should i do?
  • stefan4o
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    I think I have a decision. It`s not that simple but it WORKS. So you need to do following steps:
    1. Create and seed the torrent in PC - the torrent-client will immediately seed it 
    2. Download or just load the same torrent file in Download Server.
    3. Let the client download your own torrent and next - it will seed it as long as need (you can change the time to "unlimited")
    It works for me !!!
  • Keroro
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    Is possible to share more details? Such as the screenshots?

  • stefan4o
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    Here`s the easy steps:
    1. Download and install Utorrent (it is free)
    2. Start the .exe
    3. Click on File=>Create New Torrent
    4. The program will ask you to Select Source
    Select a single file with Add File
    Select a folder with Add Folder
    5. Check the option Start Seeding (it is enabled by default)
    6. Click the Create button
    Meanwhile you will be asked to save a torrent file in your PC directory. Dont stop the Utorrent or PC until the NSA app take the all torrent in 100%.
    After this steps go to your NSA in the Download Server
    Add=>Torrent File =>Load the torrent file you`ve created earlier on your PC
    The NSA will start to download it immediately, just wait to take it on 100%. After that it will automatically seed (in the Preferences you can go to P2P Download section and check the box Or seeding time is, place 0 in the field (means that will seed until erase it).
    Hope it helps.

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