Samsung TV can't connect to Zyxel NAS326

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Hi everyone!

To put it short - how can I connect my Samsung TV (model is UE40F6400AK) to a Zyxel NAS326?

In more details:
I recently bought a ZyXEL NAS326 to use it as a media storage server.
Both MacBooks and mobile phones can reach the NAS using smb protocol, so data sharing works fine.

But when I try to connect my Samsung TV to this NAS in order to watch media, I have a problem. The TV does not see the NAS. All the devices are on the same network. 
Nas is connected to the router via cable, all other devices (including TV) - are connected to the same router using Wi-Fi.

Media server is on, I can see all the media on the Twonky server page using my Mac. 

Before buying this NAS I used Plex and other services to start DLNA server on MacBooks and the TV always reacted properly - I saw shared server as a new input device to which I could always connect. Now there is no such connection option on the TV.

So please help me, how can I connect to the NAS by DLNA on the TV?



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    One little clarification, if it helps - Twonky server does not see any receiver except for the laptop that I use to connect to the Twonky IP.
    I think something is wrong with the NAS sharing settings, but I don't understand what exactly is wrong. Can anyone tell me step by step< how to setup a DLNA server on ZyXEL NAS?

    Sorry, I've already read the whole Google, but still no idea.

    Many thanks in advance!
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    User Manual:[ENG]X12DVBEUF-0313.pdf

    Checked the manual, please try to open Smart Hub and select Photos, Videos & Music, do you able to see media files of NAS326?

    Or you can try to download and install Kodi App on your Samsung Smart TV, then use it to watch media files of NAS326.

    My Sharp TV is able to watch media files of NAS via DLNA.

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