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I'm having a strange problem with my NSA325v1 server.
Somehow there has been created a nested music folder which seems to be repeating itself forever.
You can have an idea by looking at the attached screenshot.
At the same time now there's no free space at all (used to have around 70GB of free space before).

The current firmware version is NSA325_V4.81(AAAJ.1)
Did anyone met such a problem before?


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    I remember vaguely that I have read about this problem before on the old German forum, which unfortunately is dead now.
    I can't remember what the cause is, but I *think* it's caused by symlinks. (In which case the lack of diskspace is coincidental)

    If you haven't done so, can you install the ssh package, login over ssh and post the output of 
    ls -l /i-data/md0/music/

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