NSA325 V2 - NFS share for the whole volume?

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I want to setup a NFS share that covers the WHOLE volume I have installed in my NSA325 box.

Strangely enough all the test NFS shares I create are a new/one-off shares, they will not allow me to map the whole disk/volume along the lines of what I can do with a Samba share.

Is this really the extent of ZyXel's NFS share functionality?




  • Mijzelf
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    you can edit /etc/exports, if you want. But beware of strange ownership problems when mixing NFS and samba.
  • Darcio
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    ...but will the /etc/exports edit be permanent?
    Based on what I know about the NSA325 V2 model it would seem that the minute I re-boot (which are scheduled to happen once a week) a lot of such config/settings go away...is that still the case here?
  • deep_thought
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    Afaik yes, it's permanent.

    You can also create a Samba-Share called "nfs" to get access to your nfs-Shares (will be subfolders within the nfs Samba-Share).

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