GS1900-8 - does it disable the switch of my router?

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Good day,

I want to keep this as simple as possible in order to not waste your time:

I do run a so called FritzBox 7580 at home. It´s basically my all-in-one solution in order to obtain WAN from my ISP, create a WLAN and take care of DHCP etc. It also incorporates a four port gigabit switch. Since I use more than four ethernet ports I purchased a ZyXel GS 1900-8 switch. Currently I occupy 7 of 8 ports.

Between the ZyXel switch and said FritzBox I run one ehternet cable. That leaves three ports at the back of the FritzBox unoccupied. Sometimes I need to connect temporary devices via ethernet to my network. And since the FritzBox is physically easier to reach for me than the ZyXel switch (it lives in a closet) I hook up an ethernet cable to the FritzBox, when there is need.

And thats where my issue is: For some reason I can´t access neither internet nor my local NAS when I connect the ethernet cable to the FritzBox. However, when I plug it into the ZyXel switch everything works as it should.

I am really confused by this and would like to kindly ask for your help. I am assuming the solution is really rather simple.


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    It seems that there may be certain security policy or firewall on your FritzBox 7580 and "block" traffic of particular port/host.
    Try find guys of FritzBox to clarify the settings, the way I see the Zyxel switch has no problem at all in your case.

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