LTE5366 reboot to default config after LTE lost

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LTE5366  regulary reboot to default config after lost LTE signal on average once a week.
Version V1.00(ABKA.1)C0


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  • Hi andreyng 
    Could you please provide an example of what specific setting lost? (I mean may not save in data model) cause the issue to happen. I will also try it on my site after your suggestion.
  • andreyng
    andreyng Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    All settings lost, it is same as "Reset to Default"
  • Hi andreyng
    I have discussed with my team, your case shall not happen in a healthy device.
    Case 1: Does your ISP configure your device to factory setting for some reason? we do not know, may need yout help to double check with your ISP.
    Case 2: If 1 is negative. Then we are wondering if your FW image does not write correctly in Flash. We use dual image mechanism in LTE5366, if one FW image is broken another one will start to run.
    We would like to suggest you please downlaod our FW and do FW upgrade TWICE. Make sure both FW image has updated, then continue to observe if issue would still happen.     
    Note: I have sent FW link to your message box.
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